Help my husband is a control freak

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help my husband is a control freak

The Control Freak by Les Parrott III

Theyre pushy. Forceful. Impatient. Always in a hurry. And theyre usually ready to tell others how to do their jobs better. Control freaks. Maybe you know one. Maybe you are one. What are you to do? Psychologist Les Parrott (a recovering control freak) helps readers relate better to the control freaks around them. And if you are a control freak, Les will help you become willing to lose the control you love. The book includes self-tests and a lifelong prescription for healthier relationships.
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10 Signs You're In A Controlling Relationship - How To Spot A Controlling Partner

Your individuality revolts when he orders you to do things his way.
Les Parrott III

Letter to a Control Freak

There are few intimacy killers as potent as controlling behavior. Control is a problem we see on a spectrum, ranging from spouses who are simply nitpicky over one or two parts of their lives to spouses who engage in destructive behavior. If your spouse is controlling, you need coping mechanisms that help you defuse the difficult and uncomfortable situations they create from time to time. On the contrary, the control problem is really about your spouse. They might be attached to the idea of a specific outcome, for example. Or they might sincerely believe that their methods for getting certain results are the best and maybe the only methods. Maybe they:.

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By Barbara Baker. Updated: BST, 14 August Counsellor Barbara Baker identifies the key types of controlling behaviour and sets out the most effective strategies for dealing with them. It is a term used almost flippantly, as if it is a character trait that needs to be tolerated but is essentially harmless. But behind this overused term are countless people who live with a control freak every day. In my work as a relationships counsellor, one of the most common problems I encounter is when women admit that they are living in the shadow of a controlling man. Ironically, it can be good news if there is still a power struggle going on between a couple.

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