Unbreakable is an autobiography by whom

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unbreakable is an autobiography by whom

Unbreakable: an Autobiography by M.C. Mary Kom

‘My Years of hard work, the refusal to give up, pushing every boundary there was. The thrill, the joy of winning, the successes. The Olympic bronze, my most prized possession. And boxing, the sport I gave myself to. All of it is real. I was the David who took on the Goliaths in the boxing ring – and I won, most of the time.’

MANGTE CHUNGNEIJANG MARY KOM. Queen of the Indian boxing ring. The winner of give world championships and an Olympic medal.

Born to parents who were landless agricultural labour in the state of Manipur in Northeast India, Mary’s story is one of relentless struggle and unflagging passion for the sport of boxing. A childhood of hard labour prepared her body for the sport just as well as any fitness training might have. Her own will and aggression carried her through the minefield of politics that any sport in India is. Nimble of foot and pulling no punches, the boxing ring was Mary’s dominion.

M.C. Mary Kom is not yet ready to call it a day, but here she tells her story so far, no holds barred – her tough childhood, her rebellions, how long she waited for Onler to propose marriage, how she was willing to run away with him and , of course, how she held her won in the male world of boxing. It’s all packed into this inspiring, exhilarating tale of a woman who faced impossible odds in a man’s world – and won.
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Unbreakable: An Autobiography | M.C. Mary Kom | Book Review

I live in Imphal, Manipur. My house, a government quarter in Langol Games Village, is only a couple of hours from Kangathei village, which is where I grew up. But when I think about it, I see what a long, long journey it has been for me, for all of us, from Kangathei to Imphal. There are policemen standing outside the campus. They have big guns. Both the policemen and the army men. Past them and through the tall gate is my home.

Kom grew up in humble surroundings, helping her parents with farm related chores, going to school and learning athletics initially and later boxing simultaneously. Kom's father was a keen wrestler in his younger days. She was the eldest of three children - she has a younger sister and brother. During this time, she took a good amount of interest in athletics, especially javelin and metres running. It was at this juncture, Dingko Singh , a fellow Manipuri returned from the Bangkok Asian games with a gold medal.

Never run out of good stuff to read! Unbreakable is the inspiring story of an amazing woman. Unbreakable by M. Mary Kom could have been the story of any woman living in rural India. For a majority of Indian women, life is a struggle — a struggle to follow their dreams, a struggle to assert their rights, a struggle to make ends meet. What sets her apart is the sheer grit with which she faces every hurdle, and her determination to not let her struggle go in vain. Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom is a woman who has worked really hard to distinguish herself as an achiever.

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Amitabh Bachchan launches Mary Kom's autobiography 'Unbreakable'

Pursuing professional sports in India is a daunting job and that job becomes even more difficult when the gender in question is the fairer sex. Women sports in India are still treated as a joke and therefore there is hardly any effort or expenditures to help develop professional women sports in India. As if that alone is not sufficient, boxing is one such sport which given the god like status of cricket in India, is hardly paid attention to. It was against such a backdrop that Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, more popularly known as Mary Kom emerged from the small state of Manipur in North-East India and emerged as one of the most acclaimed woman boxers in the global arenas, bringing home not one, not two but several world titles. Unbreakable: An Autobiography is the autobiography of the unbreakable Mary Kom who never let anything come in between her and her quest for winning. Mary Kom in her book writes with utmost candidness and composure about her struggles as newbie boxer. Her writing in the most sincere way reflects the true pain which she must have felt while battling her way to Olympic fame.

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