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george leonard somebody else is on the moon pdf

Somebody Else Is On The Moon by George H. Leonard

Hands down the most moronic book Ive ever read. The authors hypothesis is that the moon is inhabited by an alien race. Therein he puts forth all sorts of evidence to support his idea. 99.9% percent of this evidence involves photographs of the moon taken by NASA during orbiting probes. Keep in mind the book was written in the 70s immediately after the Apollo missions. So the book is rife with moronic predictions that havent come true within the time frame the author lays out there.

The whole thing works well as a comedy piece, but the sad truth is the deluded idiot is writing with all seriousness. He includes illustrations of rigs and machinery on the moon surface. Then references a photo as proof. Inevitably Id flip to the grainy, low-contrast photo included in the book and would see a rock. Back and forth. Uh...thats a rock. Thats a shadow cast by a rock. Thats another rock. Uh...light striking a rock. Im not sure if the guy is legitimately crazy (although hes since deceased) or if he just cant evaluate a photograph. But hes referencing photos of rocks and claiming theyre machines and rigs. Oh...this book was so stupid. Did I say that already?

But for knuckle-biting entertainment Id give it a half star. He does offer a smidgen of a quasi-detective story that illustrates people at NASA and real scientists within the text staring at him in flabbergasted, stunned silence. Oddly enough he deduces that these looks of stunned awe are a sign that these people are hiding something when its patently obvious its a reaction of shock to the supreme levels of stupidity this moron is putting forth. Oh...did I mention how stupid this book was? Sorry, Im just spent. I cant even convey the brainless chatter that boiled out of this paperback. Did I mention how stupid this book was? Oh...I already said that (this is how the book reads). Ouch...
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Someone Else Is On The Moon! Discovery of Alien Artifacts FAR SIDE OF MOON!

Somebody Else Is on the Moon by Leonard

While most of us would want nothing more than full transparency when it comes to the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life, it seems that we as a society still have a long way to go to, in order remove the obstacles that are keeping us from full transparency. In the end, the possibility that life exists elsewhere in the cosmos is not a matter of national security, but as a matter of sociological liberty. The first few who pointed our society towards that sociological freedom where, without a doubt WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, but even WikiLeaks has a hard time keeping up with the horrendous amount of classified documents that are being hidden by governments around the world. The U. This is why in recent years, a number of highly classified government officials, scientists and Astronauts have spoken about Alien life to the public, and some of these comments are considered as shocking by our society who lives in the shadow of information.

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I stood in the marble lobby of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration building in the shadow of the Capitol, staring at a glossy photograph, barely aware of the crowds bumping me as they streamed to lunch. It was just one of the thousands of photos taken by NASA in its lunar program. But it was hard to keep my hands from trembling. What I saw was fantastic, unbelievable. It proved to me that the Moon was not as they presented it to us -- a dead satellite having only strategic and basic research interest. The photograph, with others in my collection, fairly screamed out the evidence that the Moon has life on it. There was no denying a the truth which shone through: the Moon is occupied by an intelligent race or rates which probably moved in from outside the solar system.

This book should be reprinted. It contains extraordinary analysis of NASA moon photo's from the early missions. All the photo's used in the book are cataloged and available through NASA. One particularly memorable photo shows a diamond shaped enclosure containing an 'L' shaped construction within. Transcripts of Apollo discussions with ground-control reveal that astronauts described spacecraft "hovering a kilometer above the surface".

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  1. Based on NASA photography, George H. Leonard's "SOMEONE ELSE IS ON THE . He believed and tried to prove that Mars 5 Somebody Else Is on the Moon.

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