Crooked hearts by patricia gaffney

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crooked hearts by patricia gaffney

Crooked Hearts by Patricia Gaffney

Reuben Jones walks on the wrong side of the law -- a card shark, a master of deception, a man who long ago buried the truth of his life so deep that no one would ever find it...

Grace Russell has had to learn a few tricks herself in order to hold on to the crumbling California vineyard that is the only thing in the world she can call her own...

When Grace meets Reuben shes dressed as a pious Catholic nun; hes posing as a blind Spanish aristocrat. But he gets an eyeful when the pretty sister lifts her skirts to adjust the little silver derringer strapped to her thigh ... So begins this sexy, rollicking ride through the gambling halls and sinful streets of 1880s San Francisco, where two crooked hearts discover that love is the most dangerous -- and delicious -- game of all.
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Chapter 161 - Diamond in the Rough - American Heiresses, Book 2

Across from her, Reuben Jones is faking blindness to prey on unsuspecting travelers. Both grifters are surprised to learn that they have competition, and even more surprised when their stagecoach is ambushed and robbed, leaving them both flat broke. Not keen to discuss the robbery with the police, Reuben and Grace decide to work together to recoup some of their losses.
Patricia Gaffney

Desert Isle Keeper

I absolutely loved Crooked Hearts by Patricia Gaffney. The concept of this novel was fresh and new; nothing like any other romance that I have read in the past. The writing of this historical romance Patricia Gaffney displays her versatility in this book and knocks me off my feet with how hilarious and down right fun Crooked Hearts is. Prepare to kick back, let loose, and enjoy a wild ride of

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Patricia Gaffney. Crooked Hearts begins exceptionally well, with a gorgeous step-back cover illustration.
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