Best way to cast off knitting

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best way to cast off knitting

Cast On, Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods by Leslie Ann Bestor

Casting on and binding off are two basic skills every beginning knitter must master. While there are literally dozens of ways to get yarn on and off the needles, most knitters stick with the methods they learned as beginners, missing out on the opportunity to create edges that are more functional and long-lasting as well as decorative, adding distinctiveness to their finished knits.

In Cast On, Bind Off, master knitter Leslie Ann Bestor offers a one-of-a-kind reference to more than 50 different ways to begin and end a knitting project - from the charming bobbles of the picot approach to the tidy, refined edges of the tubular method. For each method, she provides detailed instructions with step-by-step color photography, advice about best uses, and tips for making the most of the techniques strengths and appropriateness. At-a-glance charts pinpoint the right cast on or bind off for various types of knitting and cast on/bind off pairs that work especially well together.

Todays knitters are branching out and exploring new knitting styles - from chunky cables to delicate lace - and all they are missing is the perfect cast on or bind off technique to create edges as beautiful, professional, and functional as the stitches that come between. Cast On, Bind Off is an indispensable tool for every knitting bag - a trusted reference that will ensure each project is polished and pleasing .... from start to finish.
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How to cast off your knitting

How to Bind Off or Cast Off Knitting

A knitter can never have too many different cast on and bind off techniques in her arsenal. This stretchy bind off is very simple and is great to use at the edges of shawls which need to be stretched out in blocking, and on cuffs. Fitted garments like socks , that require some give to put on really benefit from this style of binding off. It gives a nice looking chained edge, with plenty of give, and it bounces right back into shape. This simple technique is a variation on the regular bind off that will make your knitted garments easier to take on and off. Here, you knit the first two stitches together through the back loops. Start by inserting the tip of the right needle into the back of both stitches and then knitting them.

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I was recently looking through my back issues of Interweave Knits , which I can now do right from my computer with the compilation CDs , and I came upon an article about several different bind-off knitting techniques that I thought you all might be interested in. At some point, all knitting must come to an end and the stitches must be removed from the needles. This can occur at the end of a project when all of the stitches are bound off, or along shaped edges, such as armholes and necklines. Over the centuries, knitters have devised a number of ways to secure the final row of knitting, while producing an edge that is elastic and flexible. Following are several ways to bind-off knitting stitches, each with advantages. For best results, all bind-offs should be worked with even tension to produce an elastic edge that will stretch with the knitted fabric below it.

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  1. To bind off the first stitch, use the needle to lift the first stitch up and over the second stitch and then drop it off the right needle. Knit another stitch from the left .

  2. Use this knitting tutorial to learn how to knit a simple bind off with more Next, return the single stitch that is on the right needle to the left needle by if you don' t like it, you can just rip out the row and finish it in a different way.

  3. Learn four bind-off knitting techniques from standard to suspended bind off so you can choose the best bind off for your project.

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