Most expensive thing in the world

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most expensive thing in the world

Expensive Quotes (60 quotes)

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Published 28.08.2019

Price Comparison (World Most Expensive Things)

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Want to procure some of this rare wine for yourself? Have you ever wondered what hundreds of millions of dollars can get you in the Los Angeles real estate market? Well, the answer is an bedroom, bathroom house situated on 11 acres of land with 40 garage spaces, a foot pool, a tennis court, 5-bedroom guesthouse, and a 12,bottle wine cellar. As its name suggests, the piano is covered from head to toe—or from lid to wheel, rather—in karat gold. Composed of a 2. Each purchase comes with a magnum-sized bottle of your choice of Champagne or wine.

This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. The thing about being rich is you can afford to be eccentric, and no one will laugh at you. And also, the things about having lots of money to spend is that you can buy the most ridiculous thing at even more ridiculous prices - and show it off. Here are 17 such things that you might never be able to afford in this lifetime, and if you're able to afford, you might not see the value in the price tag. Let's see what they are:. Source: allegrotuning. Source: hispotion.

If you had all the money in the world to spend, where would you start? A crystal piano to play on the rooftop of your storey skyscraper? Or maybe a diamond-encrusted watch to wear on board your super-yacht made of solid gold? Check out the most expensive things in the world. So read on, and start saving those pennies, because when it comes to the most valuable thing in the world — cash is king.

Some are willing to pay insane amounts for the best or most limited items. These are the most expensive things in the world. Would you make.
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#99 The world’s most expensive skateboard video game – US $151

If you were so wealthy that you could buy anything that you wanted, what would it be? Would you still clip coupons to save money at the grocery store or would you throw caution to the wind and spend like there was no tomorrow? Some of the people who were born into wealthy families are just like the average blue collar worker in many ways. They spend money like we drink water. There are also collectors who would go to any length and pay any price to obtain the treasures that they place a high personal value upon. Some of them are high end collectibles and others are novel items. Would you buy any of the things on our list?

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