The hiding place chapter 13

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the hiding place chapter 13

The Hiding Place Quotes by Corrie ten Boom

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The Hiding Place Chapter 1

The Hiding Place - Chapter 13 Summary & Analysis

After two days on the crowded, dirty train, the women arrive in Germany, nearly too weak from hunger and thirst to stand. Guards order them to march to Ravensbruck, a notorious, women's concentration camp. At the sight of the incinerator, dread fills Corrie. The women rush for the water spigots, but guards quickly drive them back. No sign of nature exists in the camp.

The intersection between faith and suffering are significant themes in The Hiding Place. This change is most evident in her time spent in Ravensbruck and when she forgives one of the S. In chapter thirteen, Ravensbruck, the first instance of immediate suffering that the reader witnesses is the humiliation of having to be inspected without clothing. As Christians living in a fallen world how can we see everyone made in the image of God when they cause so much pain? Corrie illustrates the struggle in trying to reconcile these concepts. However, it is this revelation of the turmoil in Ravensbruck that shines light on how Corrie begins to see even the good even in horrific situations. Corrie recognizes how her communion with God is growing despite the horror of the external life in Ravensbruck.



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  1. After two more days on train, suffering from thirst and nausea, the prisoners arrive at a small town in Germany.

  2. The following quotations are important at various points in the story: A Bantam Book, published by arrangement with Fleming H.

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