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Lady Bird: A Screenplay by Greta Gerwig

I had to read the screenplay of Lady Bird for my creative writing class, and still after reading it and watching the film, Im not sure what all the hype is for. Christine Lady Bird McPherson is like a less endearing and more edgy version of Moonie Pottie from the 1997 film New Waterford Girl, and the plot similarities are uncanny. Wannabe arts student hates the Catholic life, hates living in a nowhere land, has a love-hate relationship with their mom and is hooked on the glamour and culture of the Big Apple. Hell, theres even a bit of teacher romance (Lady Birds friend Julie) in both plots! What a coincidence! The only difference that was hugely noticeable to me was that Lady Bird is much more cruel to her mother than Moonie Pottie was in New Waterford Girl, and whereas New Waterford Girl casts Moonie off to New York City in the swingin seventies, Lady Bird sends Lady Bird off to New York City in the midst of the not-very-subtly-portrayed War on Terror.

Im not sure I liked Lady Bird as a character. Shes too self-absorbed, behaves like shes a rebellious fourteen-year-old when shes supposed to be a high school senior and she gets all hung up on the pettiest little things. Maybe this is just a Canadian thing (Ive never applied to college in the US), but it was easy to get into the college of my choice and get funding both times I applied here in Canada, and its not because my grades are superior or anything like that. Maybe its the lower population or something, no idea. Anyhow, I really couldnt identify much with Lady Birds plight, nor was her home life deplorable or boring enough to see why she had this burning desire to run off to New York and be a writer. Maybe she wanted those admittedly beautiful skyscraper views? Its called an airline ticket and a hotel key, Lady Bird. The less expensive and more rewarding way to write is to actually be fully immersed somewhere inspirational like New York, not to endlessly sit in pricey-as-hell classes that tell you what you should be doing to write. Youre either creative or youre not, and running away from home to find yourself while hating on your mother and drowning in debt wont make you any more or less talented and worthy of attention than you already are.

I guess I liked Lady Bird but I just dont really see what the huge fuss is about with it. It wasnt a very unique story, and more often than not I sided more with Lady Birds family than Lady Bird herself. Nothing is ever good enough for her and shes a bit spoiled. If Id behaved the way she did at that age, my parents would be more than happy to boot me out of their house! And writing fuck you mom on things? Lady Bird either has a serious anger management problem or shes just seriously that childish. Nope, not a likable character at all.
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Lady Bird The Meaning of Love

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Sign in. Get a quick look at the the week's trailers, including Villains , Countdown , Like a Boss , and more. Watch now. Take a look back at Saoirse Ronan 's movie career in photos. See more Saoirse.

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Lady Bird is the name Christine McPherson Saoirse Ronan gives herself, as the seventeen-year-old tries to break away from her family and find her own identity. Yet the biggest problem is that she is just like her strong-willed mother Laurie Metcalfe. Why is Lady Bird rated R? Set in Sacramento, California in , amidst a rapidly shifting American economic landscape, Lady Bird is an affecting look at the relationships that shape us, the beliefs that define us, and the unmatched beauty of a place called home. Written by A Lady Bird Parent Guide Too young and dysfunctional to fly the coop.

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And on Thursday, the New York Film Critics Circle awarded it Best Picture , and crowned Ronan Best Actress for her portrayal of a high school senior who renames herself Lady Bird as she struggles to reconcile who she is with who she wants to become when she leaves home to pursue her creative dreams. It speaks to everyone. Gerwig is a master craftswoman. She gave the production team her own high school journals and yearbooks to get the atmosphere spot on. She crafted the quintessential early aughts playlist for her soundtrack by writing letters directly to Alanis Morissette, Justin Timberlake and Dave Matthews explaining what their songs meant to her growing up. Saoirse Ronan nails it. She was born and raised in New York for two years, and grew up in Ireland, but she adapts to being a Greta Gerwig avatar in California perfectly.

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