What does sua sponte mean

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what does sua sponte mean

Sua Sponte: The Forging of a Modern American Ranger by Dick Couch

Sua SponteLatin for “Of Their Own Accord”


The 75th Ranger Regiment is a unique and distinct culture among the American military establishment. They stand alone, even among our other Special Operations forces, as the most active brigade-sized force in the current Global War on Terrorism. Since 9/11, The Regiment is the only continuously-engaged unit in the Army, and has had forty percent of its number deployed in harm’s way for the last decade. Their mission is unique. Rangers do not patrol, they don’t train allied forces, nor do they engage in routine counterinsurgency duties. They have a single-mission focus; they seek out the enemy and they capture or kill them. It sets Rangers apart as pure, direct-action warriors.

Army Rangers are not born. They are made. The modern 75th Ranger Regiment represents the culmination of 250 years of American soldiering. As the nation’s oldest standing military unit, The Regiment traces its origins to Richard Rogers’ Rangers during the pre-revolutionary French and Indian War, through the likes of Francis Marion and John Mosby, to the five active Ranger battalions of the Second World War, and finally, to the four battalions of the current Ranger regiment engaged in modern combat. Over that period, a standard of professional excellence and the forging of that excellence is distilled in the selection, assessment, and training of today’s Rangers.

Granted unprecedented access to the training of this highly-restricted component of America’s Special Operations Forces in a time of war, retired Navy Captain Dick Couch tells the personal story of the young men who begin this difficult and dangerous journey to become a Ranger. Many will try but only a select few will survive to serve in the 75th ranger regiment. Sua Sponte follows a group of these aspiring young warriors through the crucible that is ranger training and their preparation for direct-action missions in Afghanistan against the Taliban.
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What does Sua sponte mean?

Latin for "of one's own accord; voluntarily." Used to indicate that a court has taken notice of an issue on its own motion without prompting or suggestion from.
Dick Couch

Sua Sponte Law and Legal Definition

For example, when a court takes action on its own motion, rather than at the request of one of the parties, it is acting sua sponte. Latin for "of one's own will," meaning on one's own volition, usually referring to a judge's order made without a request by any party to the case. Sua Sponte [ Latin, Of his or her or its own will; voluntarily. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Dr Wanyama appealed the case to the Board of Immigration Appeals, where he also claimed the judge violated his due process rights by delaying his decision and reopening the case sua sponte without formal prompting from another party in December , thereby allowing the US government to present evidence of recently improved country conditions in Kenya. Kenyan scholar Mzenga Wanyama faces deportation after 25 years in US.

In the U. The most common use of sua sponte actions is to dismiss a case when the court in which it was filed does not have jurisdiction over the matter. To explore this concept, consider the following sua sponte definition. This is important to understand, as it is an exception to the basic principles of legal procedure in the U. A court may step out of its normally passive role in the litigation process if it deems some issue not raised by the parties, which has relevance to the case itself, needs to be decided. Taking sua sponte action is not uncommon, and is generally intended to help ensure the proceedings are fair and proper, and that there is no error in the proceedings which could give rise to a mistrial, or form grounds for an appeal.

Definition of sua sponte in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary Meaning of sua sponte as a legal term. What does sua sponte mean in law?.
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sua sponte

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  1. In law, sua sponte or suo motu ("on its own motion") describes an act of authority taken without Common reasons for an action taken sua sponte are when the judge determines that the court does not have subject-matter jurisdiction or that.

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